The Jeitinho Brasileiro

Hi all! I’m back! I’ve been away finishing up my guide, Live Well in Rio, soon to be available on Amazon Kindle. Today we have a post from a guest blogger, Lidi Albuquerque, a Brazilian who lives in New York City and works for BRIC Language Systems. (BRIC offers online classes in Portuguese, Mandarin, and […]

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Brazilians are gaining on the US

Hi all, Brazilians are gaining on the U.S. – on the bathroom scales. I was sitting at my favorite boteco (kind of a neighborhood bar/restaurant) this past weekend. Three men at a neighboring table were setting straight the affairs of the world around a bottle of Antartica beer. Then one of them began to pontificate […]

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Huffington Post launches Brazil Post

Hi all, TGIF! I hope that you had a good week. If you are reading this blog, it’s a good bet that you are interested in Brazil. So you might be pleased to learn that the Huffington Post recently launched “Brasil Post”, featuring online news about Brazil. While Brasil Post isn’t Huffiington’s first international edition […]

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Time in Brazil

Hi all, After more than five years living in Brazil, I suppose it’s about time that I wrote about time. Actually, I have written a bit about time, specifically daylight saving time. Brazil, like the U.S., practices Daylight Saving Time, but only in the more southerly states. As the northern states lie in the tropics, […]

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The new year begins!

Hi everyone! It’s March 12th. In the US, clocks and cell phones sprang forward to Daylight Saving Time last weekend. Spring is just around the corner. And in Brazil, the new year is just beginning! It’s a joke here in Brazil that the new year begins in March. It’s a joke – but also pretty […]

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Carry your wallet and cell phone like a carioca!

Crime in Rio

Hi all, Carnival has just wrapped up for another year. They were even more tourists in Rio than usual. As tourists anywhere can become targets of crime, this seems a good time to write about crime in Rio. Would-be visitors to The Marvelous City often worry about safety here. There was, after all, the rape […]

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Carmelitas parade in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro (photo courtesy Sebastiana)

Bloco das Carmelitas in Santa Teresa

Hi all, This Friday afternoon I’ll be meeting several friends and friend of friends to watch one of Rio’s most popular blocos (Carnival street parades), As Carmelitas. Although somewhere around 400 blocos now perform during Rio’s Carnaval, As Carmelitas has been a favorite since its inception back in 1990. I think there are several reasons […]

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A crater opened up on Barata Ribeiro in Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday. (Photo credit: O Globo)

Holey moley!

Hi all, After living in Brazil for more than 5 years, most of that in Rio, you’d think that nothing could surprise me anymore. But never say never. Yesterday I was on my way to teach a class in Ipanema – by day I’m a mild-mannered English teacher – when the bus ground to a […]

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Carnival in Trinidad (photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carnivals around Brazil

Hi all, Is there a person alive who hasn’t seen photos and video of Rio’s Carnival? Honestly, sometimes I think that Carnival is the only thing foreigners know about Brazil at all. But Rio is not the only city in Brazil which celebrates Carnival. Indeed, there are Carnivals around the world. Mardi Gras, Quebec’s Winter Festival, […]

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Carnaval blocos are underway!

Hi everyone! Yes, I’m back after a hiatus. Really, I had to return, since Carnaval 2014 is almost here! Officially, Carnaval (I will stick with the Portuguese spelling) this year will be March 1-4, in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday. But Carnaval really begins long before. [For those of you into the arcane: […]

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